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Navy Application Essay Motivation

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I've been trying to write my motivational statement for a couple hours ... Pretty much, essays seem to go along the lines of who you are, why the navy and what ... Remember you are applying to become a U.S. Naval Officer.

Navy Application Essay Motivation

Imo about putting the naval aviation thing in the statement, i think you should list the steps required to reach your ultimate goal. I put together power-points and taught sessions about aviation, as that is an incredibly big passion for me. Ill wait for the guide questions, if you have any, so that i can point out which possible parts of this essay you can use for the required revision.

I want more than anything else to be on that team, and i am certain that i can contribute to that team. You have to show a keen interest in world affairs where the u. One thing to point out is that my family has no military background whatsoever.

I couldnt see myself being happy in the navy if i didnt get an aviation slot. You seem to be all for the navy, but i have not read what you can give to the navy. In my brief scan, i found no typos or anything like that.

My advice would be to search statements that have been posted before. Id say write what you feel makes sense to you, let it sit for a couple weeks and see if it still makes sense (revise as needed). Ive read some posts where you guys gave some great feedback to some other statements.

These are only a few characteristics that represent myself. But not only a pilot, a leader and self-motivator too. Not only do i fly with southern illinois university, i fly voluntarily for the civil air patrol, assisting them with vital missions, and i also fly as a skydiver pilot.

You see, as a general motivational statement, this essay does not hit the mark at all. They have to realize that you have what it takes. The navy interests me because i would not only have the opportunity to lead the best, but i would also have the chance to learn from and work with for the best our country has to offer. I look forward into living this world class experience. Though i am a well versed individual within the aviation community, it would be pointless to myself if i didnt serve a purpose, something a naval officer would have.

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Navy Application Essay Motivation

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Navy Application Essay Motivation These are only a few characteristics that represent myself. I also hope to have a career where i can believe that the purpose of my work is vital, and for the sake of peoples lives, i would not seek a commission if i felt unable to meet the demands. Speak from your heart and explain why you are seeking a commission. I've been trying to write my motivational statement for a couple hours. In mines, i wrote how my main reason for obtaining a commission is simple rise to the challenge, Everyone has a time where they need to move away from home to prepare themselves for their future.
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    Say what you mean, and be articulate in it, but dont put somebody elses words in your mouth to get a spot. We all came together, and with hard work, dedication and leadership, we accomplished our mission successfully. No one can write this for you, i cant tell you how to write it, or edit it. This position will definitely enhance my intellect on what it really means to serve your country. Navy may have been heavily involved in order to create a strong connection within yourself and your personal motivation for wishing to attend navy officer school.

    This allows you to transition nicely into the central idea of your statement. Each of these certificates included many hours of hard work, studying, self-discipline, self-motivation and leadership. I saw this really crappy motivation statement posted while back, the guy wrote this is where i belong! (and his statement was ridden with typos). I wrote 345 words just by answering those two questions (by using specifics from my own life), and throwing in 2 sentences at the end about why i applied to the aviation community. Also, what experiences can i draw upon in order to be a good leader, etc.

    Here is my 1 problem with the essays on here that often get posted there is very little concrete information in most of the writing that people post. As stated before in this essay, i have an extensive amount of experience within aviation, as that is what im studying in college. Nobody likes to read something like i am a goal-oriented, hard-working student who enjoys. Show the board that you want to be an officer first and foremost, and then explain your passion for aviation. But not only a pilot, a leader and self-motivator too. If your primary goal here is to be a naval aviator, put that down as your primary long term goal. My character and willingness to learn make me an ideal candidate for ocs and the aviation community. Navy will give me a purpose, a sense of belonging in life. One thing to point out is that my family has no military background whatsoever. Why do i want to join the navy? What evidence is there that i will enjoy being in the navy and be able to stay motivated, overcome the challenges, etc.

    Hello All, I've recently become interested in the Navy HPSP for ... some experience or knowledge about the statement or application process.

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